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Recommended Service Intervals

When purchasing a 190E replace all the fluids and filters as soon as possible, unless you know that they are reasonably fresh. The routine maintenance schedule is as follows:

Every 800-1000 miles

General Inspection

Every 7,500 miles or twice a year

Lubrication Service – Lube engine throttle, linkage rods and shafts every 7,500 or twice a year

MB suggested replacing oil and filter every 3750 miles for “hard and sporty” driving

Brake fluid annually, preferably in the spring.

Coolant change at least every 3 years.

Each year: Replace brake fluid, clean water drains, clean and lube sunroof rails and sliding blocks

Catalytic Converters might need replacement after 50K miles

Every 15,000miles: oil/filter, new plugs, lube throttle parts, door hinges, door locks and hood. Check fluid levels, inspect everything else.

Auto transmission fluid (ATF) change every 15,000 miles, filter and fluid at 30K intervals

30,000 Miles / 4 years

Check condition of drive shaft flex discs, Oil filter, Air filter, check V-belt, replace o2 Lambda Sensor, replace Spark/Glow plugs, Check clutch, Flex discs

45,000 Miles / 2 Years
At approx. every 45,000 mi/72,000 km or 2 years:
Replace recirculated air filter (if applicable)
Replace activated charcoal prefilter (if applicable)

60,000 Miles / 4 Years
At approx. every 60,000 mi/96.000 km or 4 years:
Replace fuel filter.
Replace air cleaner filter element.
Replace spark plugs.

75,000 Miles / 4 Years
At approx. every 75,000 mi/120,000 km or 4 years:
Replace activated charcoal filter.

Every 2 Years
Replace brake fluid.
Check body for paint damage
Check chassis and supporting body parts for damage and corrosion

Every 3 Years
Replace coolant.
Sliding/pop-up Sunroof: clean and grease sliding rails and sliders.