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H550 WYJ Mercedes-Benz 190E 1990 2.6 Sportline Black Automatic, Middlesex


Mercedes 190e 2.6 Sportline.

Mileage: 183k mls (odometer shows less but it was changed at 27k mls, as registered in the car log)

This car has been very reliable in the last 4 years of ownership. Never failed, starts on the button regardless of weather!

As equipment it has,

-Electric windows all around
-Electric Sunroof (no leaks!)
-Electric drivers seat
-Sportline seats (a 2+2 as the rear only takes two passengers!)
-Sony radio with MP3 CD reader.

In the last 6 years it has been serviced regularly (oil changes, sparkplugs) and some major repairs were performed to maintain the car going great. Of these I highlight,
-New Head gasket and valve seams.
-New timing chain and tensioner.
-New distributor body and HT leads.
-New set of hydraulic valve tappets.
-New injectors and seals.
-New gearbox valve body
-New front brake calipers (still shinny new) and flexi-hoses
-New discs and pads all around (including parking brake).
-4 tires with <5K mls, still with good thread -new radiator -new steering Tie rods links and wheel alignment. …and many other details here and there. All paperwork/receipts present to confirm the above. So the car has some good bits of maintenance and still pulls strong as ever. The year version is the one without catalytic converter so it puts out 166bhp. Still a good, fast drive (0-60mph in 8 sec.) Now the bad bits, – bodywork is average for its age (never crashed), but the usual Mercedes rust on the front wheel arch is there, but nothing serious- I’ve applied some rust killer to contain it as well so no progression. – The same wheel arch has been hurt, not by me (someone in a parking lot), but its barely noticeable. -The paint work is great in some areas, with the usual stone ship here and there, but no severe rust. -The windscreen has some chips. -Suspension coils are a bit rusty, but far from severe. -The drivers seat has the usual wear and tear, but still repairable with the appropriate pattern. Overall, this is a good car that I’ll certainly miss as it has been a joy to drive. Reason to sell- have to buy something that can average better that 20mpg, which is what this 2.6 really does due to the K-Jetronic fuel system. This fuel consumption has been steady (I keep the fuel receipts) which also is a good indication of how healthy the engine is! Taxed until 31/12/2014 MOT until 27/04/2015 Priced to sell. Thanks for watching. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C536751


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